yet laying down
yet sliding away

Marco Luparia is a piedmontese musician based in Paris. Composer, media artist and percussionist developing an idiom embracing electro-acoustic possibilities and a variety of ancient music traditions. Some of the recurrent themes in his production are: mystic ruralism, memory distortion and gender identification.
His present output can take very different shapes, from large ensemble compositions, to sound installations and improvised solo performances.

After a youth spent wandering in the underground art scene of Turin, where he attended any post-hardcore or noise-punk show in town, Marco eventually discovered Anthony Braxton’s music. Since then, his growing interest in improvisation and black American music pushed him to enroll as jazz drummer at the Conservatory of The Hague, and later at the National Paris Conservatory.
In parallel to his main studies, Marco has explored contemporary percussion repertoire, carnatic music, composition, electro-acoustic techniques, diy instruments building, gamelan, orchestration, AV installations and conducting.
All these fields of interest merge into Marco’s personal artistic research, which focuses on the intersections between non-idiomatic improvisation and contemporary composition, transdisciplinary art and multimedia possibilities, early and electronic music, non-western ceremonial traditions and queer theories.

Besides his main projects (BENBEN, Masnä, FRANTX, Fade In, Anaphora), he often collaborates with the dancers and choreographers Carole Bordes, Thomas Brena, Camilla Monga, Johanna Faye and Saido Lehlouh. Marco is the founder of QUOIS, an association based in northern Italy that aims to fertilize the territory’s contemporary artistic realities through cross-pollination events featuring in residence composers and ensembles from all over Europe.

Marco performed in Italy, France, Luxembourg, Belgium, Germany, Denmark, Poland, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Portugal and in the following festivals: Rewire (2019), Umbria Jazz (2019), Fara Jazz (2019), Tilburg Jazz Festival (2019), Veneto Jazz (2021), Détours de Babel (2022-23), Space is the Place (2022), Vicenza Jazz (2023), Novara Jazz (2023), Sile Jazz (2023), Maderna Jazz (2023), Mantoue Jazz (2023), North Sea Jazz (2023), Porta-Jazz (2024), Causa Efeito (2024)

● 2021-2023 Master cum laude in Jazz and Improvised Music at Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique et Danse de Paris, principal teachers: Riccardo Del Fra, Dré Pallemaerts. Specialization in gamelan, electro-acoustic composition and improvisation générative.
● 2016-2020 Bachelor Degree in Jazz Drums at Royal Conservatory of The Hague, principal teacher: Eric Ineke. Specialization in classical and contemporary percussion and Indian carnatic music.

● FRANTX, Jazzmigration finalist 2024
● Among the best new talents of the year, Musica Jazz 2024
● Anaphora, first prize Keep an Eye Competition 2024
● Cohors, Nuova Generazione Jazz 2023
● Anaphora, second prize Krokus Young Jazz Competition, Jelenia Gora 2022
● RECTO/VERSO, FOCI Call for compositions, Kaunas 2020
● Fade In Trio, Tomorrow’s Jazz first prize, Venezia 2021
● Fade In Trio, Best tonal improvisation, René Aarons Competition, Antwerp 2019

also interested in: sleep studies, hiking, programming, physics, diy instruments, folklore, geometry, bread, field recording, dogs, mountains, beautiful mountains, metamathematics, tea, bricolage, gender studies and other stuff

marco luparia